Ideas for your Girls' Night In

Women at a Girls' Night In

Need inspiration for your Cancer Council Girls' Night In? We have plenty of ideas to help in your planning and make your night a success.

Film night. Chill out in front of the box with a TV marathon or some of your favourite chick flicks. Add some novelty to the night by dressing up as the characters in your favourite TV series or movie or even dressing down in your pyjamas. Watch the boxset of a TV series featuring a strong female lead, such as Offspring, or break out your favourite rom-com.

Auction party. Have fun selling off your unwanted treasures or even your skills. Invite guests to bring along something to sell, whether it’s recycled books, a homemade cake or a guitar lesson.

Book club. Dust off your old beret and get intellectual with a night of literary discussion. Make sure you give guests enough time to read the book. Consider choosing a book by a female author. Put together a list of discussion topics. There are some great websites that can help you run a book club session.

Dinner party. Treat your guests to your favourite meals over a three-course dinner party. Use your best crockery, light some candles and enjoy a lively discussion with your girlfriends. You might like to share the workload and invite other guests to contribute to the cooking.

Lucky dip dinner. Take the pressure off cooking for everyone by inviting guests to bring a plate. The result is a smorgasbord of delicious foods. You could even get fancy and call it tapas.

Clothes swap. Most of us have wardrobes full of clothes we don’t wear. Invite your friends to bring their unwanted clothes to trade with each other. Cull your old wardrobe and give it a burst of new life with your friends’ preloved clothes.

Pamper session. Indulge yourselves in a night of pampering. Give each other facials, manicures, pedicures and massages. Add some ambience with soothing music, dim lighting and candles.

Dress-up party. Choose a theme and ask guests to dress in costume. Some ideas: select a decade such as 1920s or 1980s, hat party, hippies and hipsters, feminist icons. Or, of course, you could all wear your finest Pink.

We would love to hear your ideas too. Share your Girls’ Night In plans on our Facebook page.