Online Fundraising Tips


Online fundraising is fun, effective and easy. Here are some tips to make the most of your online fundraising!

Five steps for online fundraising success

1. Get set up Register to host a Girls' Night In now. Once you’re registered you can create your online fundraising page straight away. You can also personalise your page with photos, videos and messages to your event supporters. Let everyone know what you want to achieve and why fundraising for women’s cancers is important to you. Set a fundraising goal. Aim high! Why not kick-start your fundraising by making a donation yourself?

2. Let everyone know Login to your page at any time to send an email to everyone you know, inviting them to attend your fundriaser. Let your friends and family know that they can donate securely online at any time, even if they can’t attend your event. Get the word out even further by sharing your updates and a link to your online fundraising page on Facebook and Twitter. The more you share the more you can raise.

3. Download our mobile app Fundraise on the go with the FREE Pink Ribbon mobile app for hosts. This fun, free mobile app will allow you to receive donations and track your fundraising efforts wherever you are. To download the app, search "Pink Ribbon" in the iTunes or Android app stores.

4. Say thanks Thanking people involved makes it all worthwhile. Login to your page to send out thank you emails and let everyone know how glad you are that you have helped women like Claire Williams, one of the 50 women in Australia who are diagnosed each day with breast or a gynaecological cancer.

5. Bank your funds To bank what you’ve raised, simply login to your personal page and click on the "My Fundraising" button, go to the "Input your cash donations" tab and follow the prompts. You can also deposit funds at your local bank using your deposit slip. Bank your funds by Monday 14 November 2016 and you could win a fantastic prize!

What is the Cancer Council Pink Ribbon mobile app?

Fundraise on the spot by using the Cancer Council Pink Ribbon mobile app. Our mobile app provides a fast and easy way for you to:

  • Securely login to your fundraising page.
  • View your progress to see how much your Pink Ribbon Fundraiser has raised.
  • Invite and ask your guests to donate to your event.
  • Share details of your Pink Ribbon Fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Donate to your own Pink Ribbon Fundraiser, or ask your friends, family or work colleagues to donate on the spot (this will mean you won’t have to carry around all those extra coins!)
  • Keep in touch with your guests by posting any updates on your Pink Ribbon Fundraiser message board.

To download the app, search "pink ribbon" in the iTunes or Android app stores now!

Need help getting started?

Call our events hotline on 1300 65 65 85 to find out how to go about it.